The National Leagal Center for the Public Interest


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NLCPI Online offers several educational publications for your information. If you do not find the topic or book you are looking for, please search our index in our online store.

  1. Briefly . . . Perspectives on Legislation, Regulation and Litigation
    These short monographs, published monthly, are designed expressly for the busy legal executive. This series presents brief commentary and analysis of cutting-edge legal and regulatry issues of interest to the private sector. Please click to find. All issues are listed in the index in our online store and can be purchased by contacting the Center.
  2. Judicial/Legislative Watch Report
    The Report is a monthly update reporting service on activities in Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Judiciary. Click to get the latest information.
  3. Judicial Series of Monographs
    These comprehensive, book-length studies focus on major judicial, legislative, economic, and public policy issues of current importance. The monographs, presented as treatises, debates, or collections of essays, are written by scholars, jurists, and practicing attorneys. Please search the index in our online store. These books can be purchased by contacting the Center.
  4. White Papers
    Studies of immediate importance are printed in this format.