The National Leagal Center for the Public Interest

Supreme Court

This section of the Center's site provides information on one of our nation's most important institutions: The Supreme Court of the United States. The Center believes that it is important for its constituency — and the public at large — to better understand and therefore appreciate the Supreme Court and the critical role it plays as a co-equal branch of our government.

The Center has pursued this objective by sponsoring and producing SUPREME COURT BRIEFS, a program of public service radio announcements ("PSAs"). To date, sixty announcements have been released to thousands of radio stations across the United States.

The first forty announcements deal exclusively with the Supreme Court of the United States and present vignettes (miscellaneous facts of interest) about the Court. The final set presents a brief synopsis of key cases decided by the Supreme Court, including the issue, holding, and impact and meaning of that decision to the American citizenry.

To view augmented scripts of the three sets of public service announcements, please click here: PSAs

The Center also has assembled a list of useful Web addresses related to the Supreme Court (including a link to the official site). To view the list, please click here: U.S. Supreme Court Links